Rug Cleaning San Pedro, Ca.: World-Class Cleaning, Impeccable Results

I clean rugs. Oh lordy, do I clean rugs. I don’t care if it’s a $300 Pottery Barn rug or a $30,000 family heirloom. I’ll clean it, and I’ll clean it good.

The most important step is dry soil removal. Please don’t let some carpet cleaner “steam clean” your rugs at your house. There is no way for him to get the dry soil out first. And I’m sure you know what happens to dry soil when it gets wet, right? Yep…it turns into mud.

Check out the picture below. That pile of filth is the dry soil that came out of ONE 10’x14’ rug that was properly “dusted” (ok smartypants, the ink pen is there to provide some scale…it didn’t actually come out of the rug). If this rug had been cleaned at the customer’s house–meaning there would have been no way to shake the dry soil out of it first–all that junk you see would have turned into mud.


Do you have rugs that need to be cleaned? Here’s how I do it. I come to your house, roll up the rugs, and take them straight to my shop. I do not let them roll around in the back of my van all day. Within the next day or so, I begin the cleaning process. The first step is–say it with me, now–DRY SOIL REMOVAL.

Once that’s done, I either submerge each rug in a cleaning pit where it can soak in fresh, softened water and gentle cleansers, or I flush it out with my artificial river. What’s an artificial river? Basically, I let tons and tons of water run through your rug until every speck of dirt has been flushed out.

Then, depending on the rug, I hang it on a rack to dry or leave it flat on a clean surface to dry. Either way, I use high-speed commercial fans to speed up the drying process.

Obviously there are other things that may or may not happen during the cleaning process. There are extra steps I take if pet urine is present, for example. But at least you get the basic gist. This is world-class, high-end cleaning that will leave your rugs soft, fluffy, clean and smelling great.

I’ve cleaned a few thousand rugs in my day. Now I want to clean yours. You can rest assured I’ll take good care of them. I have enough experience to confidently say that I actually know what I’m doing. Can’t say that for my competitors. Here’s a scary thought: A lot of them take your rugs to a third party for cleaning without even telling you! Nope, not me. I do all the cleaning myself and can even text pictures to you during each step of the process.

Call me today and we’ll set up a time when I can come by and pick up your rugs! I’ll have them for about 10 days (sometimes I can have them back in just a few days, other times it might be 14 days–but never longer than that), then I’ll bring them back to you and help put them back where they go. What are you waiting for? Call me now!

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