How a Simple Vacuum Filter Could Wreck Your Next 48 Hours

Ask your carpet cleaner how often he cleans the filters in his vacuum system. His answer will let you know if he’s worthy of working in your home.

These days, most pros use a “truck mounted” machine to clean carpet. That means they have a van they drive to your house, and the van has a large machine permanently mounted inside. They run hoses from the machine inside your home and attach them to various tools depending on what they’re cleaning.

The truck mounted machine needs to do three things:
pressurize water so it can be sprayed out of various cleaning tools
heat the pressurized water
create powerful vacuum so the sprayed cleaning water can be recovered

The most important of these three things is vacuum power. Truck mounted machines have large vacuum blowers that are extremely powerful. However, they are sensitive, precision pieces of equipment that can be severely damaged if debris are sucked inside. To prevent this from happening, vacuums systems are designed with a series of filters to ensure nothing but air can get inside the blower.

During operation, the filters are slowly clogged by pet hair, carpet fibers, and anything else the technician happens to suck up while he’s cleaning. As the filters become more and more clogged, the vacuum power will become less and less. This is actually a pretty big deal because when vacuum power drops, the cleaning tool the technician is using loses its ability to recover the proper amount of water and soil.

When this happens, the carpet does not get cleaned very well at all, and it can take days for it to dry. I wish I could say this doesn’t happen very often, but I’d be lying to you. Cleaning the filters is inconvenient, time consuming, physically difficult, and honestly…it can be pretty gross. As a result, many technicians wait way too long to clean out their filters, and their customers pay the price.

I’m proud to say I clean my filters pretty darn often–in fact I clean them multiple times throughout the day. Not once a month, not once a week, not once a day…but multiple times every single day.

It may not sound like a big deal to most people, but if you’ve ever had wet carpet for two days, you might feel differently! Clean filters allow the truck mounted machine to operate at full capacity. It’s able to recover the maximum amount of water and soil. As a result, carpets get cleaner, dry faster, and stay looking good much longer.

If you need to have any carpet cleaned and you want to hire a pro who pays attention to all the little details you don’t even know about–like keeping vacuum filters clean–please call me today and we can set up an appointment.

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