Professional Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Your Establishment


Your business is important to you, and at Johnny On The Spot we understand that one key to success lies in the good health of you and your employees.

Johnny On The Spot offers your business high quality commercial carpet cleaning with our well trained technicians in a cost effective manner. We only use non-toxic and environment-friendly cleaners and materials to assure you that our cleaning and disinfecting processes are safe, and to ensure that your employees’ health are never compromised. When your clients and partners visit your business, you’ll have a professional and pristine image.

When you come to work every day to a clean, disinfected carpet, you will know your business is fresh and free of allergens. This plays an important role in your employees’ productivity, as well as your customers’ satisfaction. Johnny On The Spot wants to help maintain a happy, healthy workplace with regular carpet and floor cleaning.

Whatever industry you belong to, we have just the right service for you! We are proud to serve a number of Los Angeles area companies, such as:

  • Retail and wholesale shops
  • Restaurants and food service
  • Schools, day cares, and hospitals
  • Hotels, B&Bs, and hospitality services

Why Does Your Business Need Our Services?

A dirty lobby and office area reflect negatively on your company and can make the public question your professionalism. This includes your carpets. Wherever people gather in large numbers, professional quality carpet and floor cleaning is needed. If your customers are not satisfied with the sight that welcomes them when they walk into your establishment, chances are they will not be coming back. After all, if you can’t even keep your floors clean, what assurance do they have that you can take care of their needs?

Don’t let your office building get to that point, and don’t miss out on the chance of generating higher profit by providing a safe and clean business environment. You don’t even need to resort to replacing all of your carpets because that is an unnecessary expense. Call Johnny on the Spot today, and we’ll help you clean up your carpet, and put together a sparkling business image. With our environmentally safe cleaners you’ll see your office and store carpets will stay fresher and free of heavy soil longer.

We are also committed to providing convenient solutions, so we will not interfere with your operations. Our hours are flexible, and we can work around your busy schedule.

Contact us today at 424-477-2074 to learn more about our commercial carpet cleaning services and to see a free demonstration of our amazing work. To learn more about our service areas in San Pedro, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach, LA & other service areas, click here.