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Johnny always provides an excellent service and does it with a very enthusiastic attitude.  Johnny understands the science behind carpet cleaning.  It’s not about saturating your carpet with water, damaging chemicals and soap suds, then sucking it all out with a vacuum.  It’s about proper “pre” treatment with proven methods and post treatment with superior equipment resulting in dirt released from deep inside.  This is done with minimal water use and no soapy aftermath, thus, helping to preserve the life and quality of the carpet.  The carpet transforms to “like” new – super clean and odors from pets or or other, are eliminated.  It’s impossible to expect everything to be removed entirely.  There may be traces or hints of old stubborn difficult stains left behind but after using Johnny’s services 4 times now, I’m always visibly surprised at the results and satisfied with how clean it turns out.

— Ruben L., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Johnny has the best carpet cleaning that I’ve ever seen.  He uses the best equipment which produces the best results in the most efficient manner.  His prices cannot be beat by any competitor.  I hired him to complete  moveout carpet cleaning and he made our carpets back to looking brand new & was able to get tough stains out that we thought were not gonna be able to.  After doing such a great job in the house I decided to hire him to clean carpets in both of our vehicles which he also did a remarkable job.* The best service in carpet cleaning in the Los Angeles area* Great prices!  Thanks Johnny!  I will recommend you to everyone.  Completes work with pride and has advanced skills in this area of expertise.

— Joey G., San Pedro